Vesterhus Wine & Charcuterie

Drinks menu

Discover the rustic charm of Herslev Bryghus, a local organic farm brewery dedicated to crafting beers that embody the essence of sustainable, local collaboration. Herslev’s beers are a testament to the art of brewing with nature. Try our Portonic for a traditional touch, a refreshing cocktail that combines the sweet complexity of Port with the crispness of tonic water.

Sparkling water 30,- / 60,-
San Pellegrino. Small or large
Sodas 40,-
Coca Cola or Faxe Kondi. 33 CL.
Herslev Bryghus Alcohol Free 40,-
Under Solen (Pale Ale) or Mørkets Frembrud (Brown Ale). 33 CL.
Herslev Bryghus Draft Beer 65,-
Pilsner, IPA or this month's special. 40 CL.
Herslev Bryghus Bottled Beer 65,-
Forårsbryg (Spring Ale) or Porter. 50 CL.